Working to become your local realtor of choice in New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange, Edgewater, and Oak Hill, we are very thankful for our loyal clients. Our real estate agency is one of close relationships and we are very fortunate to be able to share so any positive real estate experiences with our clients. Your satisfaction is our reward for our work and it is why we, John and Barbara Vazquez, strive to be your local real estate agent experts!

For more information about how our Realtors can help you find the perfect commercial real estate, ocean front property, golf course homes, or to sell your home in Volusia County, please contact us today!

Marsha K.
We provided yard care for many of barb"s rental properties. Barb always made sure that the properties were well maintained. Both barb and john were a pleasure to work with.
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thanks Marsha, with your able and dedicated help, properties we managed always looked their best. Best compliment we can ever receive is a referral, if we can ever help a neighbor, family member or friend.
Leonard S S.
We appreciate the fine and professional manner you both have handled our rental units and would recommend you to any of our friends. Leonard Spielvogel and Martha
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thanks Len and Martha, very much appreciate your support and kind words. Although we are now focusing our efforts in sales, your referrals would be welcomed - the highest compliment we could receive!

Devoted to the community and the customer.

Thomas & Maureen B.
John and Barb are a fabulous team. They understand their customers spoken and unspoken needs in achieving the best home at the best price in the perfect location. Years of devotion to the profession and their community resulted in us getting the perfect home our first time out with John.
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez
Our biggest reward is the satisfaction of finding the right home for buyers, meeting their needs and helping them navigate through the process. The bonus comes in gaining friends that enrich our lives. Wishing you both the best. As always, the highest compliment we can receive is a referral, as you were a referral from past customers.

excellent service,very professional, caring people

Stan D.
John and Barbara take a genuine interest in helping you find just the right house for you.They are a pleasure to work with and will spend what ever time is needed to get the job done. Upon completion you feel like you have two new friends.
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thanks Stan, you and Wendy were a pleasure to work with, and while the search for just the right home took a couple of turns, Barbara and I are so happy that you are now in just the right home in New Smyrna Beach! See you round the neighborhood, and as always we welcome your referrals as the highest compliment we could receive.


Rosemarie F.
As an associate with John and Barbara Vazquez, I was always extremely comfortable referring a customer to them. They are very professional and knowledgable in the real estate industry. They manage to keep everyone updated on current events and activities in the community.
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thanks Rosemarie, appreciate your comments and support. As always, your referrals are the best compliment we can ever receive.

A great and lasting experience

Larry and Carol S.
Buying our house from you was not just a very good one time experience. It continues to be a lasting friendship.
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thank you Larry and Carol, for your warm words. Likewise! One of the real pluses of our real estate career, developing friendships through our work.

Top drawer agents!

Nancy H.
John and Barbara Vazquez are always professional, knowledgeable and upbeat! Have had multiple transactions throughout the years. I know to that I am in good hands with John and Barbara!
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thank you Nancy! Appreciate your kind words, it has always been a pleasure helping you with your real estate needs over the years. As always, any referral to a friend looking to sell or buy property, would be the highest compliment we could receive.

Realtors to Friends

Debbie R.
John and Barbara have helped my family with several real estate transactions, buying and selling. I appreciated the professional way everything was handled and as a bonus have two wonderful friends! I have recommended John and Barbara to friends and will continue to do so with confidence that they will have the best team working for them!
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thanks Debbie! You are right, making new friends is a one of the most rewarding parts of serving our customers and clients needs. So glad you did not move away from the area and are still enjoying the New Smyrna Beach area. Thank you for your support always!
Brian C.
It was a pleasure to work with John & Barbara Vazquez. They are definitely committed to exceptional service. We would enthusiastically recommend them both!
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thanks Brian, it was a pleasure helping you and Val find and buy your family home. As you well know, this was not an easy transaction but you handled it with grace and professionalism. Wishing you many happy years together enjoying your beautiful home. So happy an arduous process ended up with a happy ending, specially as you were referred to us by previous client and friend. We will take good care of anyone you may refer to us.

Great Team!!

Bill A.
When my wife Lynda and I decided to retire and settle in New Smyrna Beach it only seemed logical to enlist Barbara Trapp Vasquez who was a former classmate of mine some forty years ago. I had gotten to know Barbara and her husband John at some of the class get togethers we have every year. From the onset we went back and forth on exactly where we wanted to live. From on the beach to walking distance to the beach to a short drive to the beach. From condo to duplex to single family home, John and Barbara cheerfully loaded us up in their car and showed us home after home after home. And then finally it happened. A little slice of paradise in a community called Fairgreen. Nestled between two golf courses with little ponds and waterways abound, we found a place that would be perfect to live life at a little slower pace, where there were so many wonderful places to eat and things to do. Its been almost nine months and we are so happy with our choice. We have already made great new friends and are looking forward to this next chapter in our lives.I would highly highly highly (did I say highly?) recommend John and Barbara Vazquez and the great community of Fairgreen if you are looking for that little slice of paradise.
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thanks Bill, appreciate your kind words. So glad we were able to find just the right home for you and Lynda. Glad to have you in New Smyrna Beach!

Superior professional service

Judi C.
I have worked with John & Barbara for nearly 20 years & witnessed first hand their personal and professional service with an emphasis on details.
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thanks Judi, it has been a pleasure working with you over the years.

Professional and Friendly

Steve and Mary G.
The purchase of the property was handled in a professional manner, also the Mortgage and Title companies who were referred to help in the purchase of the property helped in making the purchase a positive and less painful experience. Mary and I would be happy to do business in the future. Steve and Mary Gamertsfelder
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thanks for kind words, Steve and Mary, appreciate it. Wishing you many happy years enjoying your new home. We would be happy to help anyone you may know looking to buy or sell a home or condo.

Excellent experience !

Ed M.
Always very professional and deliver as promised.
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thanks for kind words, appreciate it very much. Keep us in mind if we can help anyone you know with their real estate needs.

Great service and advuce

Kay P.
John and Barbara are extremely considerate of time and provided efficient service to us. We had a short five days to decide on a new home in New Smyrna. Our budget was respected. John found several listings meeting our wish list. We were living in New Mexico and could not be back to do the numerous tasks involved when buying a home. John took care of everything from utilities, insurance, inspections and closing.. Now that we have moved in to our new home, John is the first person called with questions about local business services we need. How nice to have such caring service.
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thank you Kay, it was a pleasure helping you and Tom find the right home in New Smyrna Beach. Appreciate your kind words. Would love to help anyone you may know with their real estate needs.

Had an offer in 4 days!

trsih r.
We listed our house to sell with them They were very professional with good advice on pricing.
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thank you, it was a pleasure working with you and helping you sell your home. Glad you stayed locally, and hope to be of service again.

Excellent Service

Donna J.
Buying our home was a bit out of the ordinary, and there was very little about this sale that would be considered "normal." First, I live almost 900 miles away and was trying to sell my house up North. My married daughter's career in foreign service takes her overseas where she lives full time. Even with these obstacles we were able to purchase a beautiful retirement home thanks to the knowledge, professionalism and expertise of John and Barbara Vasquez. There were many "legal logistics" during this transaction. There seemed to be reams of paperwork to be read and understood, hundreds of questions to be answered , signed documents that had to be executed correctly and finally an understanding of money transfers. All very daunting but with the assistance of John and Barbara paperwork was explained, questions were answered, documents were signed correctly and money was transferred. I came to rely on John and Barbara after the sale. With information they supplied I was able to put a homeowner's policy in place, and initiate an account with the local utility company so that John could start up the A/C until I can move into my home. There really are so many considerations they have shown us, too many to mention here. Unbelievable attention to detail, timeliness in all things and genuine friendly advice and guidance. I know I can also speak for my daughter when I say we cannot thank them enough for all they have done. .
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thank you Donna for your kind words! Yes, your transaction was not your everyday purchase, but all's well that ends well - you have a beautiful and brand new townhome to enjoy. Happy to have been able to make it happen for you. Looking forward to seeing you soon in NSB. The highest compliment you could pay us is a referral to a friend or family member, would love to work at finding them their dream home.

John and Barbara Team

Patty M.
Dynamo Team! A pleasure to work with in several capacities.
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thank You! Always a pleasure working with you over the years.

The Highest Level of Integrity and Service

Ed D.
We have known John & Barbara for almost 30 years. Over the years of many transactions and now a rental property, John and Barbara have always shown the utmost consideration for our needs and responded truthfully and promptly to our many calls and emails from showing through closing. We have complete trust in them. We highly recommend John and Barbara to our kid's, friends and family, as well as you!
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thanks Ed! Appreciate the kind words and support. Has it been that long? We must be getting older! Has always been a pleasure working with you. Your referrals are always appreciated, you can count on us to extend the same level of service to them as we have tried to serve you with.

Customer Service Second To None

Douglas and Patricia S.
All of our dealings with John and Barb have been extremely positive. They have worked in an extremely diligent manner, have comported themselves with integrity, have achieved objectives and delivered success, and have always done so in a pleasant and amicable fashion. We would recommend them to anyone searching for a realtor with whom to do business.
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thanks, Doug and Patricia, for your kind words and support. Wonderful to hear your positive comments. If we can help anyone you know, it would be the highest compliment we can receive, a referral from a satisfied customer.

The very best of service; professional and friendly with expert advice!

Donna L.
We cannot compliment this team enough! They went above and beyond in helping us in our initial home search. John was the first person we met in New Smyrna Beach. He was so informative and generous of time and advice. His willingness to assist in every area of our hunt was truly amazing, Next we met Barbara....what a delightful lady! They make a winning team. They helped my husband and I feel comfortable and confident in our choice. We have utilized the services of John and Barbara many times over the past 11 years. They have, without exception, responded to our real estate needs in a prompt, professional and yet very friendly manner. It has been our pleasure to recommend them often and we always do so with confidence that our family and friends will receive the very best real estate advice.
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

One of the real pluses of this business is developing long-term friendships from our efforts to serve our customers and clients. Thank you both for your kind comments, friendship, support and many referrals over the years. It is a real pleasure watching you two enjoy your new home and living in NSB.

Highly Recommended

Katherine S.
John and Barbara Vazquez guided us through all aspects of the purchase of our home in New Smyrna. We found them to be highly qualified, knowledgeable and professional in their dealings with us. We recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell property in the area.
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thank you both, Kate and Gary! Appreciate your comments, and glad our helping you find your New Smyrna home brought you to our neighborhood and we now count you as neighbors and friends.


James and Michelle K.
We are honored and privileged to have met John and Barbara!!! Words cannot appropriately, nor fully, describe our satisfaction with John and Barbara and all that they have done for us! They are there for everyone 24/7, 365 days a year. Over the years, with my husband's company moving us all over the country, we have NEVER met a couple more dedicated to helping people and we are comforted to know that THEY are the ones that are there for us. When they say that they are going to look into something for you . . . you can rest assured that THEY DO IT and get back to you in a timely manner! They go BEYOND taking the extra step . . . they RUN the MILE! They are trustworthy and tenacious, and best characterized by their commitment to satisfying everyone. We find it difficult calling them our "realtors," as we see them more as a part of our extended family and that's how they treat EVERYONE . . . we aren't their customer . . . we are just one big HAPPY family!!!
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thank you James and Michelle, we appreciate your kind words and support. Our pleasure to work with you and hope to continue to do so as you take the next step in your search for your perfect home.The greatest compliment we can receive is a referral of a friend or family member that we may be able to help with their real estate needs, thanks again for your support.

Best Realtors in New Smyrna Beach

Gil L.
John and Barbara Vasquez are the most professional and hard working Realtors that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with . We have used their services twice and will be using their services again as we prepare to move full time to New Smyrna Beach. Their knowledge is second to none. They work very hard to make sure every customer gets exactly the right place to fit their needs. If you are dealing with John and Barbara you can rest assured that every detail will be handled swiftly and to 100% satisfaction. My wife and I not only utilize their services which are second to none , but we also consider them to be friends...
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thank you Gil! We truly appreciate your kind words and look forward to working with you and Judy to find your new home in New Smyrna Beach soon. We know you want to trade snow drifts for sand dunes as soon as you can!

My FL home sale

Charles R M.
My many thanks to JOHN AND BARBARA VASQUEZ; you always kept in touch and provided sound advice; the sale came quicker than I expected and l thank you for your wonderful service
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thank You Charles! We appreciate your support and kind words. Wishing you all the best in your new home.

knowledgeable, professional and friendly.

Roger Y.
John went the extra mile to meet our needs for a home that was in our price range. We were happy to get a new construction that met the amenities we required.
Response from John & Barbara Vazquez

Thank you both, Roger and Dodie, pleasure was ours. Great to have you join us in New Smyrna Beach, please call on us anytime we can be of service. If we can help anyone you know, friends or family, that would be the highest compliment you could pay us by way of a referral. Wishing you many happy years in your new home. JV & Barbara