Why Use John & Barbara as a Buyers

Having these Award-Winning Keyes REALTORS, John and Barbara Vazquez, when buying your property is like having a tour guide when traveling abroad somewhere you've never been. John and Barbara condense all of the information about what there is to see, how to see it, and what to look for. You'll never get to see the best sights at the best times if you're just wandering around the city. Let them show you the beautiful properties around New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater, Port Orange, or Oak Hill; call 386-314-1158 for an appointment today!

When and Why to Buy a Home or Commercial Property

As informed, and long-time local residents, John & Barbara will be able to give you valuable guidance on several influential pieces to consider before purchasing a property for sale. With an established network of knowledge and resources, John & Barbara can make sure you end up with a property that is right for you.

Another major factor is considering what you may or may not be able to afford. You must weigh all sides when proposing to buy a property. Is your job or income situation stable? Is it flat or growing? Do you have an expanding family whose expenses (and space demands) you need to account for? You might want a shorter commute into your job in the city, but you may need a bigger space for growing children or perhaps must travel further outside the metropolitan area to find the kind of space for your budget.

Financing Your Purchase

John & Barbara can introduce you to various local lenders who know the market and are familiar with neighborhoods and the inventory. Working with a local lender can make the transaction go smoother, and working with a recommended local loan officer that has a proven track record in the local market is invaluable. Getting Pre-Approved or Pre-Qualified greatly improves a Buyer's success in a purchase transaction, and negotiations. A number of different financing options are available, and John & Barbara will assist you in choosing the right one for you.